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Jordan to buy new shoes, let him give money to elderly uncle sleeping queue

The new color of the Just Don x Air Jordan 2 "Beach" heavy shoes on sale soon, Jordan Brand stores outside many foreign people began sleeping on the team lined up, ready to be sold in the earliest moment to buy. Recently there have been reports, Jordan Brand Chicago flagship store 32 South State there was a black man named Vaughn Simmons grandfather follow the team line up, he said he was nephew to come.

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Lavonne Simmons originally there was a black lad to make a $ 100 one day his uncle Vaughn Simmons braved the cold to line up early to buy shoes, and even went to the uncle said this is a good investment to buy the shoes will be $ 2,000 about the price of resold afterwards to pay a few hundred dollars to uncle reward. See the 6-year old braved the cold to line up to buy shoes, really feel resignation.


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